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NFL schedule comes out April 16th

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Though the teams and sites are known, reportedly the full details will be revealed shortly.

Christian Petersen

The teams and playing fields for the upcoming 2013 season were already determined last year by division, record and rotating schedules.

Come three weeks from today, the finite points will be crystal clear, as well.

The Arizona Cardinals being in the NFC West will play their divisional rivals, St. Louis Rams, San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks twice - once at home and once on the road.

They'll also have games against another division in their conference on a 4 year rotating schedule (this year the NFC South) with home games at the UPhO with the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers and road contests versus the New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Additionally, a three year rotation with teams from the AFC will bring the Southern division Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts to Glendale, while Arizona will take trips to Jacksonville and Nashville to play the Jaguars and Titans.

The final fleshing out of the schedule is two tilts against intraconference teams that finished in the same place (4th) as the Cardinals. Thus, home with the Detroit Lions and visiting the Philadelphia Eagles.

What isn't determined, however, is the when.

If the NFL stays static from last season, then all teams will have a prime time game coming at night - be it a Sunday, Monday, or Thursday night national broadcast. And the "flex scheduling" comes into effect during weeks 11-16. Networks prefer teams with previous winning records or franchises that draw Neilsen ratings and the Cardinals are neither of; which lends one to believe that they'll have a Thursday night game (like last season in St Louis) and be one and done.

This is also the opportunity to announce Thanksgiving Day games and the prior Super Bowl winner home contest.

Just hope the Baltimore Ravens provide a good Thursday night game. (And that's a joke, folks.)