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Arizona Cardinals Offseason: JaMarcus Russell to throw to Larry Fitzgerald at his Pro Day

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If plans are still in place, the former number one quarterback pick of the Oakland Raiders will be throwing to the all-world Cards receiver April 10th.

Ezra Shaw

Until the NFL draft starts April 25th, the NFL off season is entering it's slowest "newsworthy" portion of its schedule until after the last 2013 mini camp, June 11th -13th.

Between that period and the start of training camp in late July, preseason rosters will have been mostly set, a starting Cardinals QB been presumably announced and follow ups (and further follow ups) to said-starter will have begun.

So with that opening, I'm reminding everyone of a little pro day that's been scheduled for a while now, yet flying just below the USC/ Matt Barkley one happening today.

JaMarcus Russell, the first overall pick of the 2007 draft by the Raiders and subsequently ate and "drank" himself out of the league two seasons later, is trying for a comeback. He'll throw for any scouts, general managers, Jenny Craig and codeine syrup manufacturers that show up. He supposedly was in the dangerous Aaron Gibson range of plus 320 pounds this fall, but has moved into a more svelte, Kate Moss-like 280. He's getting training from former San Fran backer Jeff Garcia, who will also teach him on how to tell his wide receivers that if you date a model - you're not limp-wristed.

The weird part - if this is not strange enough, is how Fitzgerald was involved. As far as I can tell, Fitz has no connection to Russell other than JaMarcus's former LSU alumnus and current/ cut Cardinals players Patrick Peterson and Early Doucet. We all know Larry is a philanthropist, but this seems a bit far. Digging ditches and giving out hearing aids in Ethiopia and Somalia, I totally understand and appreciate. Taking in passes thrown from a guy that hasn't played in 3 years and was placed 3rd in depth chart behind Bruce Gradkowski and CHARLIE FRYE seems a little on the obscene side. What's next, Ryan Leaf having a pitch-and catch session with Rae Carruth?

Let the wacky off season continue.