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Is Rob Housler a wide receiver?

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In an interview with Bruce Arians he shared some thoughts on TE Rob Housler.

Christian Petersen

Rob Housler has always been an on the fence player. Oh so close to being a really good player for the Cardinals in 2012, and oh so close to being a starter in 2011. However, in a recent interview, head coach Bruce Arians stated (via the team website) that back with the Steelers, Rob Housler was a guy he was interested in -- someone he wanted to draft and to convert to a "big receiver" and that he is a "mismatch for defenses". What does this mean? It means the Cardinals probably won't pursue a fifth receiver, which is what we commonly have on roster.

If Housler does move to receiver, that leaves Jeff King and Jim Dray, at tight end. Neither are guys who fit Bruce Arians' mold of pass catching tight end. Jeff King is mainly seen as a blocker and Jim Dray has been used as both a backup fullback and special teamer. We do have Mike Leach, who in addition to being long snapper also is unofficially a tight end. He hasn't played that position since joining the Titans in 2000. Does this mean we'll pursue one in the draft? Most likely. Would we go in the early rounds? More than likely not, but this does leave one player as a potential shoe in if Housler moves.

Anthony Sherman. In his introductory presser Arians stated he's not a fullback kind of guy. He worked with one last season but he was "more of a big runner" states Darren Urban. Is Sherman that? Not in my opinion. He's a blocker, but I have hardly seen his running ability as a runner both during college and in the pros. I have seen enough of him to know he can catch the ball out of the backfield.

I personally hope that Anthony Sherman is retained, he's a solid special teams player, and is a great lead blocker. I can see him shifting to TE, but I don't think it'll be beneficial to Sherman's development. He has the athletic ability to be able to change positions, but he has been playing FB/RB his entire career, and the change would dampen the progress we saw last year.