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Arizona Cardinals volunteer time and money

During off season, players give back to communities.


Most Arizona Cardinal fans are fully aware of Larry Fitzgerald's yearly exploits where he travels to distant countries to provide humanitarian service to less unfortunate. He's been active with hearing aids for impaired kids in Somalia, dug irrigation ditches for Oxfam America with former teammate Anquan Boldin and raised monies for his personal charities, most of which deal with breast cancer awareness that took his mother, Carol.

But other Cardinal players are getting into the act also. Just today, at least three tweets stated a personal investment into the area in which they live and work:

Jamell Fleming at the U of A Medical Center

O Brien Schofeld at Phoenix Children's Hospital

And Michael Adams looking forward to a youth football camp

So, while some fans think that NFL players are impersonal and above it all - maybe March 27th could be a friendly reminder they are really just regular people after all.