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2013 NFL Draft: Is Tyler Wilson going to be the best QB of the draft?

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He has the attention of a couple of football people.

Mike Zarrilli

Between all the quarterback talk and rookies coming out of in the NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals inevitably are included in such conversation. Whether it is drafting Geno Smith or Matt Barkley, or attending Mike Glennon's N.C. State pro day, we get a lot of quarterback talk.

However, there is one quarterback that has not gotten the same amount of press, and according to some is going to be the best QB in the draft class. That would be Tyler Wilson.

ESPN's college football analyst Mark May shared his thoughts on Wilson on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

"When its all said and done within 3yrs Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson will be best QB of this draft worth a mid to late #1 anything later is a steal."

But May isn't the only one gushing about Wilson.

Wilson has been working with former college QB star Chris Weinke at his football academy. Weinke believes in what he sees.

"The things I look for are: Is the guy consistent? Can he be coached? Does he want to be successful?," Weinke said as he sat in his office on Tuesday, one of the last days he will spend with Wilson before the quarterback goes back to Arkansas for his pro day March 15 and then the endless line of interviews with NFL teams. "He's got all three."

Weinke also notes the chip Wilson carries on his shoulder and his toughness. This goes right along what Cardinals head coach looks for in a QB -- the two muscles you can't measure -- the mind and the heart.

No one is saying Wilson will go in the top 10 of the draft, but since many people expect the Cardinals to use their second round pick on a quarterback, according to May, Wilson would be "a steal."

Could you see the Cardinals going with Wilson? Thus far, we haven't seen anything to connect Arizona to Wilson in interest, but with the draft still a little less than a month away, anything could happen between now and then.

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