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2013 NFL Draft: Should the Arizona Cardinals make a first round trade?

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Arizona is in a very good position in the draft this year. While the team needs a quarterback, the value isn't there leaving the Cardinals with several draft day options. If you were the Cardinals what would you do draft day?

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The Arizona Cardinals have signed 11 free agent signing thus far in the new Bruce Arians era. None of those signings were blue-chip players, as all of them are middle to low-tier free agents. One can hope that they have only been signed to bolster the roster. The Cardinals still need to find play makers and right now the only avenue for that to happen is the 2013 NFL draft.

With only six draft picks, it will be hard for the Cardinals to draft multiple playmakers as history has shown that most teams barely find difference maker every year from their entire draft. With only six draft picks the Cardinals could try several tactics though to add to chances, the first of which would be trading up.

Why would the Cardinals trade up with the seventh pick? They won't, but they might trade to get back into the first round to grab a QB that they like. Waiting until Day 2 could be a mistake as it will give teams a lot more time to formulate their round 2 plans. QB needy teams will likely make a run on QBs in the second round. The Cardinals could trade back into the first round, avoid the chaos of the 2nd day, and get the guy they like.

The Cardinals have a strong core of young players and a mid-strength roster. A new tackle or pass rusher with your first pick and a QB with your second pick address two huge needs for the team. But it's risky in that if those picks miss you have basically voided the years draft.

The Cardinals could look to trade down. If the Cardinals aren't sold on anyone they may be willing to trade to a team looking to leap-frog another team. Depending on the trade, it could put the Cardinals into a strong position with more picks in the first two days. They can than grab players in all the positions of need and feel confident in the numbers game.

Or the Cardinals could draft BPA. If you were the Cardinals, what would be your game plan?