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3/28 Arizona Cardinals News: Draft options, Hightower visits New York

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Your daily Arizona Cardinals and NFL roundup to start your day.

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Remeber me? I'm healthy now!
Remeber me? I'm healthy now!
Christian Petersen

In a reasonably slow day when it comes to Cardinals news, but we do see how the guys that the team cut are not landing in new homes yet. The Cards might be able to move in the draft -- up or down -- and we have some more dates for the offseason.


NFL free agency tracker: Giants work out Tim Hightower -
Tim Hightower hasn't played in a regular-season game since October of 2011 but will meet with the Giants this weekend.

NFC West: Ranking the Coaches in the Division
Bruce Arians ranked number 4 coach in NFC West

Arizona Cardinals - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Some options to mull at number 7 in this year's Draft.

Arizona Cardinals announce key offseason dates
Arizona Cardinals announce key offseason dates - Cardinals Stories at

Evaluating the job prospects for former Arizona Cardinals Kevin Kolb, Kerry Rhodes, Early Doucet, Beanie Wells
They might remain on the market awhile as teams decide to re-evaluate their rosters after the draft. Here’s a look at the job prospects of each.


Connor Barwin thanks Houston, hipster style -
The former Texans linebacker thanked fans in the most appropriate way a hipster possibly could.

NFL Draft 2013: Browns will work out E.J. Manuel -
Many people questioned Cleveland's selection of Brandon Weeden in the first round last year. It certainly seems that the Browns are starting to agree. Is the Florida State quarterback going to be the answer?

NFL free-agent tracker: Ahmad Bradshaw takes physical with Steelers -
Free-agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw is reportedly taking his physical with the Steelers. If he's cleared, he could be signed.

Dwight Freeney rumors: Broncos, Lions and Dolphins make DE's wish list -
Dwight Freeney remains one of the top free agents left on the market. He isn't in a rush to land a new deal, though. What teams are the 33-year-old hoping to sign with?

NFL Debrief: The route to acceptance on the field and off -
Players, not the commissioner, will have to lead the effort for tolerance

Aaron Rodgers, Packers continue working on long-term contract extension, according to report -
Joe Flacco's time as the NFL's highest-paid player may be short-lived as Rodgers and the Packers are working on a massive deal.

Jason Campbell's curse of the Midjoweh -
A former star at Auburn and first-round pick, Jason Campbell's career trajectory hasn't panned out the way he or fans thought it would. With his most recent unfortunate event being exile to Cleveland, what if coincidence has nothing to do with it?

NFL Draft 2013 rumors: 49ers, Dolphins, Vikings candidates to trade up -
The San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins and Minesota Vikings could be looking to trade up in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft, provided they can get a fair price.

Vikings' new uniforms to be unveiled on April 25 -
The Minnesota Vikings will show off their newest uniforms at the end of April.

Jaguars reportedly explored Matt Flynn trade with Seahawks -
The Jaguars reportedly explored the option of seeking a trade with the Seahawks that would send quarterback Matt Flynn to the Sunshine State, but ultimately chose against it.

NFL News Roundup: The market for linemen picks up -
Get all the day's free agency news here.