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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay says Arizona Cardinals grab OT, QB with first 2 picks

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According to the ESPN draft expert, the Cardinals shore up their top two needs with their first two picks.


The NFL Draft is coming up in the next few weeks, so mock draft projections are going to get more and more frequent. ESPN's Todd McShay just released the fourth version of his projections and this time it was for the first two rounds. For the Arizona Cardinals, it means taking care of the two areas that fans want most to address -- offensive line and quarterback.

After Luke Joeckel, Geno Smith and Eric Fisher are all taken in the first four picks, the Cardinals grab Lane Johnson, the quarterback turned tight end turned offensive tackle with the seventh pick.

Writes McShay:

If Smith is off the board and the Cardinals don't feel good about any other quarterback, they can still fill a priority need with a top-10 prospect in Johnson. He is still a work in progress after moving from quarterback to tight end to tackle in recent seasons, but Johnson continues to get bigger and stronger, and he is certainly ready to step into a starting role as a rookie. His floor might be lower than that of Joeckel or Fisher, but he will improve with game experience and it's not hard to argue that Johnson's athleticism and movement skills give him a potentially higher ceiling.

With the team's second round pick, they go with a quarterback, but not one that our community is particularly high on. McShay says that Arizona takes Mike Glennon. Matt Barkley and E.J. Manuel also go at the top of the second round.

If Glennon ends up being the quarterback that the team takes, I can see fans feeling like they stepped into the twilight zone. After all, if the team wanted a tall, big-armed guy with questionable accuracy, they already have two guys that fit the bill.

The Johnson pick I have no problem with. He is grading out higher and higher, and he would not be considered a reach.

Johnson and Glennon.

Is that the direction you want the offense to go in?

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