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Cardinals Fantasy Stock

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Last season the Cardinals were void of offensive Fantasy options later in the season. Will that be the case this year?


For those of us who love our fantasy football last season was a let down if we drafted a Cardinal. For those of us who took part in an IDP league, it wasn't to bad on Defense. Following Free Agency, where should we draft our beloved Cardinals on offense... If any?

Larry Fitzgerald: I'll start with the obvious choice amongst Cardinal fans. His numbers... Weren't normal last season, but who would when none of your Quarterbacks throw more touchdowns than they do picks? While he was once a first round draft pick amongst many a-fantasy drafter, he is no longer one. Depending on the size of your league he's a 2-3 round draft pick, still up there but not the safe bet he used to be.

Rashard Mendenhall: He's coming back to the scheme in which he thrived during his tenure with the Steelers. While his injury is a concern it shouldn't deter you from drafting him at all. While you should not select him in the top five, possibly six, rounds he's a solid option during the "depth" rounds. If you really think he can do you well, draft him in the early rounds... Just don't pass up on Adrian Peterson.

Michael Floyd: If his season finale is anything to look forward to... We have a lot to look forward to. 166 yards and a touchdown against the Niners gives us hope he can turn into a dangerous guy opposite Fitz, leaving Andre Roberts as our dangerous slot man with LaRon Byrd. I don't expect him to be drafted at all, so nab him as a free agent.

Andre Roberts: Kolb is gone, so we don't know how that will quite effect him. Roberts was his favorite target during our 4-0 start and was the main reason Roberts was even close to Fitzgerald's numbers this season. Again you could nab him as a free agent, or in the "depth" rounds.

IDP League:

Daryl Washington: You HAVE to draft him. He broke out last season as one of the better backers in the league. He was snubbed of being truly named to the Pro Bowl, only making it in as an alternate since Bowman and Willis went to the Superbowl. IDP leagues have much larger rosters and longer drafts, so get offense first and draft Defense in 10-20, depending on your league manager.

Patrick Peterson/Calais Campbell: Most of my friends have no idea who Campbell is. They know their football but Calais is one of those under the radar kind of guys. When his name is called it's usually because he stuffed yet another Field Goal attempt. You can nab both these guys in back to back rounds... But it would have to be early because Peterson will be one of the first Defensive backs taken off the board. Peterson also adds a special teams element, so yet another reason to nab him early.