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Oakland Raiders reportedly close to trade for Matt Flynn, Carson Palmer to Cardinals gaining traction

The acquisition of Flynn would surely signal the release of Palmer, allowing him to pick the team he wants.


The Arizona Cardinals aren't making any moves right now, but they seem to be in the middle of the moves that are going on. The Oakland Raiders are reportedly on the verge of acquiring quarterback Matt Flynn from the Seattle Seahawks, which would all but signal the release of Carson Palmer, as Jason La Canfora tweeted.

Flynn was signed by Seattle as a free agent last offseason but Russell Wilson beat him out for the starting job and led the team to the playoffs.

According to Albert Breer, if the trade goes through, Oakland will give up a pick in this year's draft and a conditional pick in 2014. It could also be a pick in 2014 and 2015.

If the trade goes through, the Raiders will certainly release Palmer, who is due to make $13 million this next season. Once that happens, he will have interest from several teams, the Cardinals included. Palmer would like to be in a better situation than he is in currently, and perhaps would even consider being a backup, even if there were a starting job available.

One would think that if the Flynn trade happens, it would be unlikely that they would draft Geno Smith. That could make it possible for Smith to fall to the seventh pick, where the Cardinals could select him. Of course, if the team signs a released Palmer, one would think think that he would be a starter. If the Cards draft a quarterback high, Bruce Arians has said that the team would want him playing.

That would cause a new and interesting debate altogether.

Things could get interesting here soon.

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