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NFL offseason: How many more Cardinals players should be cut?

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The Cardinals are now $5 million under the cap after cutting William Gay and Stewart Bradley, but they have more work to do.

Christian Petersen

Shedding William Gay's and Stewart Bradley's salaries was a good start for the new Arizona Cardinals brass, but it doesn't stop there. If they want to be able to sign other free agents, their own free agents and their incoming rookie class, more cuts will need to be made. Let's take a look at a few of the names that could be joining Gay and Bradley as free agents.

Kevin Kolb

It all starts and ends with Kolb. If the Cardinals decide to cut him, they will avoid having to pay out $11 million this season. Kolb has a $13.5 million cap hit, so if he doesn't restructure his contract, as many expect him to do, he will inevitably be released by the team. Cutting him alone could open up plenty of options for the Cardinals.

Adam Snyder

Snyder is due $3.9 million this season via his salary and signing bonus and his cap hit comes in around $4 million. He seems like an obvious candidate to be released after having a less than stellar year in 2012. He allowed way too many sacks from the right guard position and was statistically rated as one of the worst guards in the NFL by Pro Football Focus.

Beanie Wells

Beanie's $2.4 million cap hold is something that the Cardinals may try to avoid given that he is rarely able to stay healthy. Even when he is on the field, he is not as effective as many other backs the Cardinals already have on their roster. Shedding his salary could open up other options at running back and allow the team to sign other players.

Adrian Wilson

While A-Dub has made his name as one of the greatest Cardinals ever, his window appears to be closing. It might close even faster given that he is owed almost $3.7 million this year. His $4.925 million cap hit will have the Cards seriously considering whether he should stay or go. It may depend on whether or not they can re-sign his backup, Rashad Johnson.

Early Doucet

To me, this is perhaps the most obvious of all the cuts. Doucet dropped way too many passes last season and with the emergence of Michael Floyd and Andre Roberts, his salary is not justified being fourth on the depth chart. The Cardinals could and should cut his $2.25 million hit off the books.

There are other candidates to be cut, but given the depth the Cardinals have at certain positions, it doesn't make sense. John Skelton is an obvious candidate to be released, but he is only due $630,000 in the final year of his rookie deal. Daryn Colledge has a whopping cap hit of $7.275 million this year (up from $3.175 last season), but who would replace him on the interior line? He is the best guard they have.

What do you think? Are there any other players that you could see getting the axe? Tell us in the comments section below.

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