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Kurt Warner makes music with passing skills [Video]

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This is part funny, part amazing and part heartbreaking for Cardinals fans.

We all know that the Arizona Cardinals have been a complete mess since Kurt Warner retired. So no one will fault you shed a tear or two when you watch this video. The possible Hall of Fame quarterback worked with Amway for the promotion of something...but I don't care about that.

There is funny in the video. You get to see Warner dance and try to look hip. It's funny.

There is amazing. The sound mixer uses the sounds of the things that Kurt hits with a thrown football to make a song. That is mind boggling. The other amazing part is watching Warner hit all those targets. I understand that those were likely not all in one throw, but the fact that he can consistently get the ball in those very specific windows is something to watch.

That is exactly why it is heartbreaking for Cardinals fans. Remember when he would put balls in small windows that had receivers at the end of them? I do. Remember when those led to touchdowns and wins? Remember when there was a quarterback on the team that could do that consistently? Yeah, I do.

On that note, Warner is old. I don't want him back. In fact, one of the first impressions the video gave me was how Warner looked old.

I don't want Warner back...I just want someone that can do that sort of thing again, at least sometimes.

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