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Where will the 2013 Arizona Cardinals hold training camp?

With Flagstaff bowing out, can the city of Glendale reach an agreement in time with the club or will an interim location be used?

Christian Petersen

The Arizona Cardinals are currently a team without a training camp home.

With Flagstaff taking their football and leaving and Glendale looking in their respective couches for change to pay for an indoor practice field less than four months away, the franchise could still look north towards Prescott to hold their annual summer sessions.

Northern Arizona rescinded the team's one year proposal, ending the basically 25 year run since the Cardinals moved to Arizona. Glendale would like to help finance an air conditioned indoor "bubble" on the University of Phoenix Stadium's south fields that is currently reserved for kids. But when Cardinals team executives asked for a parking garage to replace lost parking spaces, the city balked. While the garage has been tabled, no vote is scheduled for a resolution and the clock is ticking. Planning for the movement of players, gear, staff, machines and logistics for such takes an inordinate amount of time, money and resources.

This could be where Prescott enters.

They hosted the 2005 camp when a viral outbreak across the NAU campus made holding it there untenable. The decision was made in five days and the franchise used the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University campus for lodging and the college's soccer field along with the neighboring City of Prescott Pioneer Park fields for practicing. Yavapai College's Ken Lindley Field was also used in 2004 for a short 3 day mini camp. Tim's Toyota Center built since the last Prescott camp, would be the semblance to the Walkup Dome on inclement weather days. In fact, when the team was putting out feelers late last year, Prescott was one of the communities that reached out - and sent a proposal to the city council.

So, unless Glendale gets it's act together and in relatively quick order - the team can either look for an interim locale or plan on practicing at local elementary schools.