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Arizona Cardinals in good shape with the salary cap heading into 2013 NFL Draft

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After being right up against the cap to start the free agency period, the Cardinals still have some flexibility.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Three weeks ago, the Arizona Cardinals were about to start free agency and did not have a lot of room under the salary cap. Things are different now. Pro Football Talk compiled the league's salary cap numbers a few days ago and we now see that the Cardinals have a lot of space.

According to the report, Arizona has $14.0 million of salary cap space, although that number is likely a tad smaller after the signing of Jonathon Amaya.

This, however, does not mean that the team can just go spend it all. Right now, the salary cap numbers only count the top 51 contracts. It also does not take into consideration the salary that will be needed to sign the team's coming draft picks.

According to, the estimated rookie pool for the Cardinals is about $6.4 million, which in reality gives Arizona about $7.6 million to work with.

Teams never want to go into the season flush against the cap because then there is no flexibility to add players to the team in the case of injuries or other situations.

In a nutshell, the Cardinals, despite carrying over $12 million in dead money against the cap, they are in pretty good shape when it comes to the cap, especially since they are more or less done with their free agent moves, except for adding a couple of veteran minimum contracts.

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