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2013 NFL Draft: QB signings, possible trades could move Geno Smith down the board...or not

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With teams needing quarterbacks making moves to acquire them, the top QB coming out of college might not be taken quite so quickly.

Chris Graythen

Kevin Kolb signs with the Buffalo Bills. Matt Flynn could be going to the Oakland Raiders. Carson Palmer might be headed via trade to the Arizona Cardinals. Additionally, the Raiders have a young QB in Terrelle Pryor. Bruce Arians has said that the quarterback class in this year's draft is lacking a guy who makes you go, "Wow!" The Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly brought in Dennis Dixon and have Nick Foles. The Kansas City Chiefs traded for Alex Smith. The Detroit Lions have their quarterback in Matthew Stafford. The Jaguars still have Blaine Gabbert, only two years into the league.

It looks like these teams are not planning on the draft, at least early, to fix their quarterback situation.

This leaves one to wonder -- what about Geno Smith, who is considered the best quarterback in the draft and projected by many to go in the top 10 picks. Where will he land?

The Jaguars certainly could take Smith with the second pick, but what if they pass on him?

The Raiders, who pick third, will have given up at least one pick this year to get Flynn (assuming the trade goes through). That makes it unlikely that they would take Smith.

Then the Eagles are up, who have Michael Vick, Nick Foles and Dennis Dixon. That looks unlikely. Then the Lions. They Like Stafford. The Browns? They could go with Smith. They have Brandon Weeden and Jason Capmbell.

Then would be Arizona. If they acquire Palmer, it would be assumed it is so he could start. If they were to draft Smith, they would play Smith. That's how Arians would do that. If they were to draft and start Smith, then why would they have gone after Palmer? They wouldn't have if they intended on taking Smith.

The Bills signed Kolb and have Tarvaris Jackson. Smith is a real possibility here.

So does Geno Smith fall down the draft board, much like Brady Quinn did? Maybe not.

At a glance with the moves that have happened, it looks like it might. However, with Oakland being Oakland, Blaine Gabbert not being very good and the Bills not really investing much in their signing of Kolb, Smith still could go as high as number two and certainly in the top 10.

In the end, not much really has changed, especially since the move for Flynn is still not completed and any move to get Palmer is still pure speculation, maybe we need to just wait and see.

Will Geno Smith be a top 10 pick? It looked like a lock. After this week, it still looks pretty good, but lock isn't what I would say.

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