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Former Cardinals CB William Gay returning to Pittsburgh Steelers

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After coming from the Steelers via free agency to Arizona during the last offseason, Gay has already been released and will re-sign with his former team in Pittsburgh.

Jared Wickerham

After being cut early last week by the Arizona Cardinals, it appears cornerback William Gay has already found a new home. And he won't even have to buy a new home for where he's going. Per his Twitter:

Yes, that's right, Gay will be rejoining the team that did not want him just one year ago. Once March 12 rolls around and the new league year begins, William Gay will be back with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In Arizona, Gay was strictly a cap casualty that allowed the team to take $3.5 million off of their books.

Gay struggled in his role as the #2 cornerback across from Patrick Peterson, so his release may have been partially performance based as well. He logged 57 tackles, two interceptions and three forced fumbles in his lone year in the desert.

Gay marks just another name atop a lengthy list of former Steelers that have come to Arizona as free agents and made little to no impact.