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NFL offseason: Kevin Kolb could land with New York Jets if cut by Arizona Cardinals

The rumors about Kolb already have begun, even though nothing is new on his current contract


The Arizona Cardinals have to decide what to do with quarterback Kevin Kolb. He is in the middle of their mess at the position. It has more or less been stated that he will not be back under his current contract, which is due to pay him $11.5 million -- $9 million in salary, plus a $2 million roster bonus and a $500,000 workout bonus. The Cardinals, though, could release him and save over $7 million in cap space.

If that were to happen, he might not be out of work too long. According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Mark Sanchez is expected to be the starting quarterback for the New York Jets in 2013, unless the Cardinals decide to release Kolb.

"The wild card, in my opinion, is if the Cardinals cut ties with Kevin Kolb and he becomes available," Mehta said. "He's familiar with new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg from their days with the Eagles. I know that Mornhinweg likes him, I know the Jets would pursue him if the Cardinals cut him. So that's a name to keep an eye on."

All this does is give Kolb leverage, if this is true. Kolb certainly does not have to redo his contract. Considering he would be one of the best quarterbacks available if released, any restructuring would likely come in the way of more money up front, rather than just a pay cut. If the Cards are unwilling to do that, they would let him go, and then go and get up front money from a new team.

This, of course, could be why the team has not had talks with him. They know that they will release him because they simply want him to take a pay cut, rather than just shift money around.

Some will hope Kolb stays and there will be some who openly hope that Kolb is fragile Kolb again in New York, just to be rid of him. Either way, the QB free agent market would be good for him.

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