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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Arizona Cardinals land QB Geno Smith

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The latest projections have the Cardinals selecting the player most people consider the best quarterback in the draft.


The NFL Draft is still several weeks away, and mock draft after mock draft seems to waver between an offensive lineman and a quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. Most of the time, the projections have Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher landing with Arizona. Either way, lineman or quarterback, the Cardinals need help.

As for the latest projections by SB Nation's Dan Kadar and Matthew Fairburn, this time it is a quarterback. He might not be "a gift from heaven" as Denny Green referred to Matt Leinart when he somehow became available for the Cardinals to draft at number 10 in 2006, but this time it is the best quarterback in the class, who many feel would have gone number one if the Kansas City Chiefs had not traded for Alex Smith. Geno Smith from West Virginia is the guy in these projections.

Writes Fairburn:

The Cardinals need to restructure Kevin Kolb's contract, but even with him, it may be smart to seek an upgrade at quarterback. He'll have some room to grow in Bruce Arians' play-action, deep-passing offense, but has the skills to do so.

While some feel that this year's class of quarterbacks is weak at best, that doesn't mean that none of them will turn into "the guy." Smith has the arm strength, the smarts and the accuracy to be a traditional quarterback. He also has foot speed and has the ability to run -- not a read option guy, but a guy that can take off when things break down, much like how quarterbacks like John Elway and Steve young did once upon a time.

Does this mean Smith will be a Hall of Famer? Certainly not, but you have to think that a mix of throwing ability and mobility would not be a bad combination, especially when he doesn't have to be pigeon-holed into an offense that many question can be more than a package in the long-term.

Would you be excited for a Geno Smith selection? I would, but then again, I would be excited for Eric Fisher or Luke Joeckel as well. Call me easy to please.

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