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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals still land Geno Smith in projections that mock mocks

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A humorous look at what teams in the NFL will be seeking come the draft in April, even if they are selections they can't really make.


We are all serious about the 2013 NFL Draft. It is through the draft that teams build sustainable success. This is why people flock to mock draft posts on the Internet, even when the authors might not be doing more than guessing. We share mock draft after mock draft for you to see what people are saying about our Arizona Cardinals. The latest mock draft is not as serious, though, as others.

Kenneth Arthur over at the Seattle Seahawks SB Nation site, Field Gulls, mocked the first round of this year's draft, but took extra liberties -- liberties that made me laugh (and cry inside). With all the liberties of this "anything can happen" first round, the Cardinals still manage to land West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith.

The script for their pick?

"Welcome to the season opener for the Arizona Cardinals, with rookie quarterback Geno Smith making his NFL debu- oh my he's already hurt. And that's a season-ender for Geno."

"Yeah, it looks like the Cardinals went with a 10 receiver set here, nobody actually on the offensive line and that's going to get your quarterback in trouble about 100 percent of the time."

"So here comes Ryan Lindley, in his second year out of- okay now Lindley is out for the season too."

That made me laugh and cry all at the same time.

As for other selections, some of my favorites were the pick for the Dolphins (actual weapons for Ryan Tannehill), an exoskeleton for Jake Locker by the Titans (why didn't they pick this for the Cards?), the Niners' pick of the rights to all Jim Harbaugh faces images, the Colt's passing on their pick because they don't need it (they already landed Andrew Luck, why do they need more first round picks?) and Collin Klein by the Seahawks just to attach his legs to Russell Wilson.

As for the Cards' pick, if they get Smith, I'm thrilled. Let's just leave out the season-ending injury.

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