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2013 NFL Draft: Matt Barkley given fourth-round grade by Greg Cosell

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The quarterback who could have been a top-10 pick a year ago now is graded as an "OK" NFL prospect

Steve Dykes

USC quarterback Matt Barkley generates a lot of buzz, both good and bad. A season ago, he likely would have been a top 10 pick in the NFL Draft, but he decided to return to school for his senior year to get a national championship. That didn't happen, USC went 7-6 and his draft stock dropped. Some still say that, with this year's supposedly weak quarterback class, Barkley could still go in the first round, maybe even in the top 10, but a recent review of his play by NFL Films' Greg Cosell says that he should be viewed as a third day guy in the draft.

"When I look at Matt Barkley, here's a couple of things I immediately see," said Cosell on NFL Network's 'Path to the Draft.' "Number one, he has average arm strength by NFL standards. Number two, his feet are not particularly quick, he he has slower feet. And three, he's a little shorter."

Overall, Cosell gives him a fourth round grade, but does not deny that he could be a good quarterback -- just that he would need a good offensive line, a running game and a defense to protect him. He could be Alex Smith...or Trent Dilfer.

Does this mean he will be drafted in the fourth? Absolutely not. I still would be surprised if he even makes it to the second round.

As for his success, I do expect more than Matt Leinart and Mark Sanchez. You can tell that he has a hunger and a fire in his belly that neither of those other two USC quarterbacks did coming out of college.

Barkley, in essence, is graded all over the map. What will it be? Don't ask me, I'm not a talent evaluator. I like some of what I see, but I have seen games where he is not impressive at all.

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