Stop with the "Get rid of Kolb cries"

Some have said that the QB position is the most important position on the field. To a degree I concur with this philosophy. But? How many times have we seen an average QB with a terrific defense to compliment him? IMO this year is a classic example! "Yeah Ravens go ahead and over pay Flacco"

Is he getting paid because he is a guy who can compensate for his teams deficiencies? NOT!! He's getting paid because he didn't turn the ball over. He benefited from a savvy defense and a huge O-line. And he didn't choke! Good for him. I would put Eli Manning in this class as well. Guys that don't kill your team with turn over's!

Now to my estimation. At present? Brady,Peyton,Brees,Rodgers, are in a class and level all their own. And they have been compensated as such! Rothlisbhurger is just a tick below this. What makes a QB a truly poisonous element to a team? TO's! So you have those rare few who have the tools and the brains to march their team even with sub par parts around them. Then you have the rest.

My point? Your chances at having/finding a truly elite QB is very slim indeed. I could argue that Ray Lewis was more important than Flacco. The Giants pass rushers more important than Eli. In my estimation. I truly believe we can win it all with Kevin Kolb! Let's see how he operates without the prospect of getting blown up on every drop back. I'm excited!

Call me ignorant,call me a homer. But if the Card's simply focus on getting this guy some more help. The flow and dynamics of this team could be totally different. I saw flashes of brilliance. Not at the top level mind you. But enough for me to be excited. I hope the Cardinal brass feels the same. Their is nothing out there that I see as another option. We have a lock down defense. As long as they can get some scoring from our offense. We will be fine!

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