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ROTB Roundtable: Recent Releases, Kevin Kolb, and QB-less Teams

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As the off-season crawls forward slowly, and fans wait patiently for the draft, the Cardinals still find themselves surrounded with questions.


The ROTB Writing Staff took their swing at three of these.

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1) Do you agree with the releases of Stewart Bradley and William Gay?

Tyler Nickel: Yes. Gay was a bit underwhelming as a cover corner and not worth the price. Bradley never even touched the field, so he was an obvious candidate for release.

Alex Mann:
William Gay yes. But Bradley no. I felt like he had something to off Arizona and he didn't fit in well with Whisenhunt. There seemed to be an air around them that seemed to have Bradley in the Whiz pound.

Skii: Although I liked Gay as a player, I'm not too worried at the CB position. My only major concern is how healthy Toler can stay. As for Bradley, he never got any playing time, so this shouldn't affect anything too drastically.

Jess Root: The writing was on the wall with Bradley. You simply can't pay a bench guy that much. As much as we think he might have deserved to play, he clearly didn't show it in practice. Gay was fine to go. When he was signed, he was to stand in until Jamell Fleming was ready.

Randy Fields: Yes to both. They both are too expensive for the level of production. Gay was boom or bust from week to week and Bradley was a certified Gatorade taster. Cut ties, save cash and build young talent.

2) Are you worried that the Cardinals and Kevin Kolb have not engaged in contract talks yet?

Tyler Nickel:
Worried? No. These things never usually get done until the deadline anyhow. Ask me again in a week and a half.

Alex Mann:
Not yet. By Tuesday we'll have our answer. Kolb's roster bonus isn't due until March 17th, Free Agency "begins" Saturday and is officially open Tuesday. That gives us five days from Tuesday to come to a conclusion as to whether we cut ties with him or move forward with him.

The new coaches and Front Office guys seem to like Kolb, so I'm not doubting his return. They're probably just waiting for the draft to come a little closer.

Jess Root:
I think it points to his departure. You would think that it would be a priority for the team. Of course, they may be just seeing what happens the first couple of days of free agency.

Randy Fields: I think Kolb's days are numbered. I am a fan of his play when he had protection, butt it might be next for him to be cut or traded to KC to be reunited with Andy Reid.

3) Yahoo! Sports recently ranked the Cardinals in the Top 5 teams most desperate for a QB. Would you agree with this ranking, and which team, in your opinion, most desperately needs a QB?

Tyler Nickel:
Yes, I agree with the ranking. I think either the Cards or the Jets need a QB the most. Both have decent to good teams, but no QB to help them shine.

Alex Mann:
I disagree. We need an Offensive Line before we need a Quarterback. As so many others have said, any decent QB will thrive behind a solid O-Line. Now do we have a decent Quarterback? That's debatable.

It's not that I doubt Kolb. I just don't like how we're still uncertain about the QB position, even though Warner left
three years ago. So for that, I'd say this team is pretty desperate. But, I also think Kolb can pull it off, given a good O-line and run game, something he didn't earlier last season.

Jess Root:
Hard to argue against it based on the numbers.

Randy Fields: I'm an oline first guy. I want the signal caller of the future but before that I want a consistent run game and some semblance of a passing game. O line first!