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2013 NFL Draft: ESPN analyst does not think the Cardinals will draft Geno Smith

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Merril Hoge, ESPN's famed basher of Tim Tebow, does not appear to be a fan of QB Geno Smith.


The biggest question Cardinals fans are concerning themselves with right now pertains to what will happen at the quarterback position. Kevin Kolb is a candidate for release given his sizable contract and inability to stay on the field. That would open the door for the Cards to possibly take a young quarterback in the 2013 NFL Draft.

If that winds up happening, there are a variety of ways the Cardinals can go. As Jess wrote yesterday, it might not be Matt Barkley of USC, who some are saying is a 4th round prospect. Instead, they could turn to someone like Mike Glennon from NC State, Ryan Nassib of Syracuse, Tyler Wilson from Arkansas or Geno Smith of West Virginia.

Merril Hoge of ESPN does not think it will be the latter. In fact, he specifically said that there is "no way" the Cardinals will take Geno Smith with the seventh pick.

Hoge is not a fan of Smith's at all. Per Rotoworld, Hoge says that he has, "not seen a more inconsistent thrower than Geno Smith," in recent memory. Meanwhile, most draft pundits have him as the top quarterback prospect in this year's draft class.

"Receivers that are wide open, (he) absolutely completely misses them. I got frustrated by watching him," Hoge continued. "You cannot be that inconsistent in college and then fix that in the NFL. Decision making, I thought under pressure he was below, below average. ... There ain't no way the Cardinals are gonna draft him. If Bruce Arians has anything to do about it, he will look at (Smith) and say there is no possible way."

Whether this is true or not, most people would probably disagree. And this could easily be another example of Hoge trying to make a stir and create some buzz around Smith's name. I am usually not a fan of Hoge, but he has been dead on with other players before, such as Tebow.

What do you think? Is this your classic example of trolling or is Smith really as inconsistent as Hoge suggests?