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2013 NFL Draft: Late round linebacker prospects to compliment Daryl Washington

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The Arizona Cardinals need to fill their ILB position to play alongside Daryl Washington

Matthew Stockman

While quarterback and offensive line are the two things it seems that everyone talks about for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL Draft, and right fully so. However, those are not the only needs they have. One particular position is the one to fill the void left by Paris Lenon (unrestricted free agent and old) and Stew Bradley (recently cut) at inside linebacker to play next to Daryl Washington.

Seth Cox, a friend of the site, wrote a piece for Arizona Sports that gives some options at the position, but on day three in the later rounds.

Cox proposes North Carolina's Kevin Reddick, Florida's Jon Bostic and Alabama's Nico Johnson.

All three are big run-stuffers that would compliment Washington quite well.

"Reddick is a strong tackler who does a great job in the phone booth when taking on blockers, working around them and getting to the ball," writes Cox. "Where Reddick struggles is in space, whether that's in the run game or when dropping into coverage."

Bostic is more or less of the same mold. He "knows how to stack a blocker and shed him to get to the ball carrier with a strong upper body, controlling players with his hands and drills the running back," and also is smart enough to get teammates in the right spot, but also struggles in space.

Neither would be three-down players.

The one guy that can drop into coverage with some success is Alabama's Johnson. You don't necessarily want him out there in nickel packages. "He is more of a run-stopper that can come in and play in the run game, but he isn't necessarily out of sync in coverage," writes Cox.

While last year it was the nose tackle pulled in nickel situations, drafting one of these three guys could keep Dan Williams on the field, giving the Cardinals a more traditional 3-3-5 nickel look.

The Cards have not had a solid run stuffer since Gerald Hayes before he had back problems. These guys perhaps could fill that need nicely, and do so with a great value pick.

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