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Arizona Cardinals roster highly overvalued based on 2012 performance

While this is no surprise, as the team has a few highly paid players that had performance duds in 2012.

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With a 5-11 season, players clearly underperformed. In the case of the Arizona Cardinals, based on what some players were paid, there were some big underperformances. Pro Football Focus put together a list of value, looking at what players should have been paid last season based on how they did. Some of the findings are not a surprise at all.

Who were the most overvalued players? Larry Fitzgerald and Kevin Kolb. Based on PFF's formula, Fitz' numbers were worth $2.5 million. His cap hit was $14.5 million. Of course, it is hard to fault him with the quarterback play, which brings us to Kolb.

Kolb had a cap hit of $10.5 million. His play, although the best of all the quarterbacks to play for the Cards in 2012, was not worth that hit, especially considering the time he lost to injury. His actual value was $3.8 million.

The other most notable culprits for being paid more than they "earned" are Darnell Dockett, Stewart Bradley (no surprise), Paris Lenon, Beanie Wells (no surprise), Daryn Colledge, Adrian Wilson, Jeff King and Adam Snyder.

Who were undervalued? Two happen to have signed big contracts. Daryl Washington, who signed a big extension last season, outplayed his cap hit by $4 million. Calais Campbell, who got his new contract the year before, outplayed his cap hit by $3.5 million. Patrick Peterson did so as well, outplaying his by $2.8 million.

The others who outplayed their salary cap value? Kerry Rhodes, Dan Williams, Greg Toler, Jay Feely, Quentin Groves, William Powell and Ryan Lindley.

Lindley is the big surprise, as he played terribly. However, as a late round rookie, he never should have even seen the field. The fact that he played means he was undervalued.

Anyone else that you think would fit either bill?

Michael Floyd probably underperformed some, while Nate Potter probably outplayed his value. But overall, these lists look about right.

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