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Is Brian Hoyer a viable solution at quarterback for the Cardinals?

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The once undrafted quarterback and backup to Tom Brady is getting some attention, both from the team and his former coach.


Quarterback Brian Hoyer made one start for the Arizona Cardinals in 2012, but he apparently made a good impression. Ken Whisenhunt, who coached the Arizona Cardinals in 2012 and was subsequently fired, felt that Hoyer was a possibility for fixing the quarterback woes that have plagued the team since Kurt Warner retired after the 2009 season.

Now, before the jokes start about Whisenhunt's ability to judge quarterbacks (he is the same guy that started Max Hall and has burned through seven different quarterbacks in three seasons), realize that the Cardinals clearly value Hoyer and are ready to pay him a decent amount of money to stay another season.

He is a restricted free agent. That second round tender means he would be paid $2.4 million and that if another team offers him a contract, Arizona has the right match the offer and if they choose to let him go, they would be compensated with a second round pick.

No one is going to give up a second rounder for Hoyer. The Kansas City Chiefs gave a up a second rounder for Alex Smith, who had a QB rating over 100 in 2012.

In Hoyer's limited time last season, he showed some promise and he does have a great work ethic and a cannon of an arm. However, he was far from overwhelming. He threw for one touchdown and two interceptions.

Clearly the team likes him enough to pay him over $2 million to likely be a backup, which in all reality is not too much, even if he is very unproven; nonetheless, I wouldn't bank on his being the team's starter. Could he be in the mix? Definitely (it certainly looks like that now).

We know the pickings are slim when it comes to available signal callers. Are you on board with Hoyer getting a shot? He hasn't exactly shown much in the pros and it wasn't as if he was a stud coming out of college (he went undrafted).

How confident would you be in the season if Hoyer ended up being the answer?

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