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NFL free agency 2013: Greg Toler rated as top 50 free agent by Sports Illustrated

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Peter King of Sports Illustrated labels Arizona Cardinals corner Greg Toler as a top 50 free agent.

Scott Cunningham

One of the least talked about free agents that is set to hit the open market come March 12 is Arizona Cardinals cornerback, Greg Toler. There are many teams said to have interest in Toler, including the Browns, where former Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton now resides.

Despite how many NFL teams like him, it seems like NFL writers underrate him drastically. In many of the top free agent lists I have come across, Toler is nowhere to be seen. Until now.

Sports Illustrated's Peter King recently came out with his top 50 free agents list, in where Toler is listed at number 49. Also in the article, King suggests that the best landing spot for Toler would be with the Atlanta Falcons, where he could immediately replace the aging Asante Samuel.

King also suggests that Toler could be the "low-cost twin" of Samuel, which is high praise for the young cornerback to be compared to a once very talented veteran.

I still think the team finds a way to keep Toler around. After cutting William Gay last week, the depth at cornerback is suddenly thin once again and a team can never have enough talented corners. Toler is just that, as long as he can remain healthy. The stigma with him is his injury history, as he tore his ACL two seasons ago and was out numerous games with a hamstring injury in 2012.

Also in King's article is former Cards corner, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. King states that the best landing spot for DRC would be in Cleveland, as the Browns have plenty of cap space and need a top corner next to Joe Haden. Personally, I don't see this as a good fit, as DC Ray Horton wants physical, hard hitting and good tackling corners on his team. DRC does not fit that bill, although he is a tremendous cover corner.

What do you make of King's list? Should Toler be higher up on it? Where do you think the best place for him to land would be? Tell us in the comments section below.