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NFL free agency 2013: Are the Arizona Cardinals eyeing Carson Palmer?

Should Carson Palmer become available, reports indicate that the Arizona Cardinals have interest in signing him.

Streeter Lecka

The Oakland Raiders, just like every other team around the NFL, have some decisions to make pertaining to their cap and where they want to be by the start of the next season. They also have personnel decisions to make, such as letting younger players start over veterans. Both of these problems could be handled with one swift move: cutting veteran quarterback Carson Palmer.

Palmer is owed a salary of $13 million this season and if he does not agree to restructure that number, many around the NFL feel he will be cut. If he is cut, the Cardinals could be a landing spot. In fact, according to Pro Football Talk, the Cards are waiting for it to happen.

Arizona is currently about $8 million under the cap after the release of Adrian Wilson. If they cut Kevin Kolb, which would be a certainty if the team signs Palmer, the Cardinals would save another $11 million. They would then be in a position where they can sign Palmer and other free agents, along with their incoming rookie class.

If the Cards truly are waiting on the Raiders to make a move with Palmer, that could be why they have not approached Kevin Kolb about a contract restructure yet. If they can sign Palmer, then they will not need Kolb to restructure, as they will release him outright.

Palmer threw for an astounding 4,018 yards with a 61.1% completion rate. Take into account that his receiving corps with the Raiders isn't nearly as good as it is in Arizona and the idea of bringing Palmer to the desert becomes all the more intriguing. He is still 33 years old and figures to have a few good years left in him before he is ready to call it quits. By that time, the Cardinals should (hopefully) have a young replacement ready to step in.

What do you make of this report? Should the Cards wait on Palmer? Is that why they haven't discussed anything about a restructure with Kevin Kolb? Tell us in the comments section below.