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2013 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills posturing for Geno Smith?

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The West Virginia standout could be a target by both teams looking to improve their quarterbacking situation.

Mike Ehrmann

The NFL Draft is still over a month away, and rumors and reports are starting to fly around. What is the most likely rumor? That teams might want to move up to get the player -- specifically a quarterback -- they want. The Arizona Cardinals are in the middle of the latest draft rumor, and it involves quarterback Geno Smith.

According to South Florida Sun-Sentinel writer Omar Kelly, both "Arizona and Buffalo will be jockeying for Geno Smith as a top 10 picks."

Both teams have problems at the quarterback position and the pickings are slim in free agency. As of right now, the best QB on the market is Jason Campbell. Even Smith is not considered by many to be worth a first round pick, but we know that quarterbacks get overdrafted almost every year.

There is one line of thought that says that you have to grab your QB target when you get the chance, while other say that in this draft there is no QB worth taking that high, especially when there is great talent at other positions that are also needs.

For those readers who really want the Cardinals to land Smith, would it be worth trading up to avoid the Bills leapfrogging them and snagging him?

For those who don't want Smith anyway, do you care that Smith is taken before the Cards make their pick?

Naturally, these reports are way too early, but they are out there. They are worth talking about, don't you think?

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