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2013 NFL Draft: Is Mike Glennon a diamond in the rough or just rough?

The Cardinals have shown great interest in Mike Glennon leading up to the 2013 NFL Draft, is it warranted?


Every head coach wants players to fit their system. While Geno Smith is the consensus best quarterback in the 2013 draft, the Arizona Cardinals FO and Coaching Staff have been showing interest in NC State's Mike Glennon who could be taken as early as the 2nd round in the draft. But is he really worth such a high pick?

Seth Cox of The Sports Headquarters took some Youtube tape (the best there is) and broke down Glennon's passing ability via

Arm Strength

Glennon has one of the strongest arm of the draft class. Glennon just doesn't look like he is exerting himself when he slings it. I agree with Mr. Cox on that assessment. Where do I disagree? His accuracy.

If his receiver is running free he knows how to get the ball out there and allow his receiver to run underneath it, and if it is in a tight window he knows how to and can put zip on the ball.

Watching the tape, Glennon knows when to put zip and to put touch on the ball for short throws, unlike Derek Anderson (throwback!) or John Skelton. But watch those same throws and you will notice he is more prone to throw behind the receiver in those tight windows. Increase the speed of defenses and you know who he will look like? I'll give you a hint, it's not funny.

Pocket Presence

Glennon has a comfort level standing in the pocket, letting his receivers get into their vertical routes... He isn't afraid of taking a hit and still delivering the ball, and he understands how to maneuver in the pocket.

Cardinal fans rejoice! We have found the anti-Kolb! Watching Glennon step up in the pocket and take a hit is refreshing. It's a mental attitude that is difficult to teach. Don't believe me? Talk to a Jaguar's fan about Blaine Gabbert.


Mike Glennon cannot extend plays with his feet and continue to maintain his accuracy. This is overlooked when people say he fits Bruce Arians' scheme. Because the reason Ben Roethlisberger and Andrew Luck were so good in those schemes were their abilities to extend plays and allow their respective teams receiver's to run their vertical routes.

Decision Making

Glennon's poor decision making shows up not only in his stats, but when watching him on tape, as there are throws that make you go "Wow" and throws that make you go "What the?"

Mr. Cox is spot on. Glennon forces throws. This is partly because when he feels pressure, he wants to make a play and use his arm strength to get the ball into tight windows. I think the secondly part is because Glennon knows he has a strong arm he believes he can't get away with certain throws. In essence, he gambles.


Mike Glennon reminds me an awful lot of... Brock Osweiler. Both are known for their physical ability on the field, but their accuracy and decision making aren't very good. Glennon, and other QBs like him, are boom or bust. These are the gunslingers of the NFL. But the problem is that for every Brett Favre, there is John Skelton, Derek Anderson, JaMarcus Russell, Jason Campbell.

I want to trust that the new Cardinal's regime won't make the same mistakes of the past.

Oh, what about Brock Osweiler? He was chosen in the 2nd round by the Denver Broncos.