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Cardinals, Skelton cut ties

Cardinals release the On/Off, John Skelton after three years.


His tenure was full of highs and lows. Highlights and... Not so highlights. He gave us hope for the future, yet at the same time made us want to flip some tables and break our televisions. He ended his tenure in Arizona in the doghouse of Ken Whisenhunt, and was hoping that the new Regime would allow him to continue his time in Arizona. Unfortunately for him, Arians did not see anything that was worth keeping him.

Skelton was drafted in 2010 in the fifth Round from Fordham University. Not much was expected of him, nor did any of us believe that he was going to receive much playing time during that season. However, the likes of Derek Anderson and Max Hall faltering, allowed Skelton to finish the 2010 season and put him in position to start for the 2011 season. However Kevin Kolb ruined that as he was traded from the Eagles. Kolb went down that season with a turf toe injury during a game against the Ravens following a 1-6 start, Skelton stepped in and helped us erase some of that start. Kolb later would return against the Cowboys, winning that game, then suffered a concussion ending his 2011 season for good and letting Skelton give us hope for 2012 and putting him in a prime position to win a Quarterback battle that would ensue in 2012.

He wound up winning that battle, yet suffered an injury against the Seattle Seahawks, allowing Kevin Kolb to return and carry us to a 4-2 start to the season before suffering the season, and tenure ending, rib injury against the Bills. Skelton would step in but didn't have his 2010-2011 magic he had. He ended the season with two touchdowns and nine interceptions.

His Cardinal career ended with a total of 3707 15 touchdowns and 25 interceptions. I wish him the best of luck wherever he may land and hope that the Skelton who gave us so much hope for our franchises future, will do well for his next team.