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NFL free agents 2013: The Arizona Cardinals have interest in JaMarcus Russell?

If this report is true, it is definitely the most puzzling thing of this offseason for Arizona.

Ezra Shaw

Just when you thought that the Arizona Cardinals had things somewhat settled with the quarterback position, the Internet strikes. Former number one pick JaMarcus Russell, who was set to have his "pro day" on Wednesday, instead canceled these workouts, deciding to work out for individual teams privately.

Here is where the puzzling nugget of information comes in...according to Tony Pauline of Draft Insider, the Arizona Cardinals are one of the teams that has shown "significant interest."

File this under 'W' for "Whaaaaaa?". This doesn't make any sense at all.

What first comes to mind is, the Cardinals have interest in Russell...for what? Offensive line? After all, Russell had ballooned to over 300 pounds. He is now reportedly under 290 and intends on being at about 270.

The Cardinals already have a stable full of quarterbacks. They traded for Carson Palmer, they signed Drew Stanton and tendered Brian Hoyer. They also still have Ryan Lindley. Bruce Arians already believes his quarterback room compares nicely with any team in the league.

Now, if there is one thing that Russell has is a strong arm, so perhaps this intrigues Bruce Arians and Steve Keim. Beyond that, his work ethic has always been questionable, his decision making has been terrible and he is built more like a linebacker or lineman (albeit a very athletic one) than a quarterback.

I certainly hope that this isn't true. I can't read it, write it or think about without thinking, "there's no way this is true." I refuse to think that the team simultaneously targeted Carson Palmer and Russell.

If this is even remotely true, is it real interest? Is it smokescreen? Is it to fool other teams? Or is it like watching a train just have to watch?

Even with the quarterback issues that teams have around the league, including right here in Arizona, I just can't see Mr. Purple Drank getting a real shot. Tim Tebow, who at least stays out of trouble and has led a team in the playoffs, isn't even getting that right now.

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