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2013 NFL mock draft: Todd McShay says Lane Johnson to the Arizona Cardinals, but has other scenarios

The ESPN draft expert gives his take on what the Cardinals potentially could do with the seventh pick in a couple of weeks.


With the NFL Draft around the corner, mock drafts are trying to pinpoint who will be the pick for the Arizona Cardinals at number seven overall. ESPN's Todd McShay has assembled his latest mock draft. In this set of picks, and this time he also provides some of the picks based on different scenarios.

For the Cardinals, his actual selection is what many projections show -- tackle Lane Johnson. Johnson is scenario number one, matching a player with the team's biggest need. He does note that Johnson has enough untapped potential that "he could eventually become the best tackle to come out of this class."

Scenario two would see Oregon's Dion Jordan falling because of his shoulder. The Cardinals would swoop him up in a second.

Scenario three is selecting Chance Warmack, but that only happens if Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher and Johnson are all gone.

Johnson seems to be the popular pick now. Jordan is gaining steam near the top of the draft. Warmack is widely believed to be a star guard, but there are many that just don't see a guard being taken in the top 10.

In any scenario, it seems almost as sure as any other draft I remember that it is going to be easy to find someone who will make an impact.

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