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ROTB Roundtable: Daryl Washington, 1st Round, and Best/Worst Draft Picks

The draft will soon be here.


In the meantime, the Cardinals have several un-answered questions surrounding the team. The ROTB Writing Staff took their shot at answering three of these.

Don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Do you agree with the NFL's decision to suspend Daryl Washington?

Alex Mann: I'm not sure. There's a lot we aren't being told, seeing as the new details that Jess wrote about. Until Washington comes out and tells us what exactly happened we won't get the full picture.

Still not sure why exactly Washington was suspended. False positive for performance-enhancing drug than a further violation for marijuana -alcohol testing? Either way, he's flunked the pop quiz and must now sit in the corner with dunce cap firmly attached. All you can hope is lesson learned.

D.L. Parsons:
Not sure. I don't have all the details. I can't make that decision yet.

Michael Oliver:
I feel that once we know the full information of the incident we cannot make an informed judgement in it, but from what's released, the NFL should take this stance about failed drug tests and make an example of those who are not following the rules and guidelines that those before him have had no trouble abiding by.

Jess Root:
Well, without knowing exactly what happened, you have to. He violated the league's policy. It isn't a secret. His contrition and Bruce Arians' comments seem to point to the fact that he did mess up.

2) Is there any particular player you hope the Cardinals take in the 1st Round?

Alex Mann:
Well... I'm hoping we go with a pass rusher, Mingo or Jordan for me... But if Jordan is gone I want Lane Johnson. If Arians truly wants to move Massie and Potter inside then Johnson plays RT Brown at LT and we have two new guards.

The guy I hope the team takes in the first round is the one that would be the most beneficial. (How's that for a pat answer?)

Seriously, I like Chance Warmack. Instant upgrade over Snyder and Colledge. HOWEVER, Keim has pointed out he WILL take a "difference-maker" with first selection, and to me, that means OLB/DE. Guessing, and that's all it is right now, Mingo, Jordan or Ansbah.

D.L. Parsons: Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher.

Michael Oliver: Any 1 player in this draft I want the first round, providing he makes his way there, is Eric Fisher. The guy is dominant at his position, technically excellent and has the physical traits to be a perennial Pro Bowl talent. Should he be gone, Barkevious Mingo. He may be raw, but boy he's explosive, a pure pass rusher which will benefit the team greatly.

Jess Root: Well, if I had my way, Eric Fisher would fall to the Cardinals. After that, I have no real favorite. Dion Jordan, Lane Johnson, Ziggy Ansah, I like them all.

3) In honor of the upcoming draft, who would you say is the best Cardinals draft pick of all time? Worst?

Alex Mann:
Best Cardinal pick... Tough one... It can go between Aeneas Williams, Larry Fitzgerald, or Adrian Wilson. All three impacted Arizona. Fitz helped us to the Superbowl, but Williams and Wilson are HOF certified... When that will be, no one knows, but they are HOF worthy. Fitzgerald still has years to go and if he can't get good QB play his once HOF Worthy career will be down the drain, and the Cardinal great will be like all other Cardinal greats... Ignored.

I think I remember this topic. For me, best was Anquan Boldin. Changed the culture of the franchise, IMO. Things didn't work out, but gosh, the guy could/still ball(s).

Worst? Some say Matt Leinart, cuz of the ridiculous predicament the position is in now, but remember Leinart was here before Kurt Warner and did fairly well with a noodle arm. It was mismanagement by the staff that released him and went with DA and Max Hall, IMO.

But worst was Tony Jeffrey, TCU RB 1988. 3 carries for 8 yards. For the 38th pick. Oh vey!

D.L. Parsons: Maybe Jim Hart. Oh, wait, he was an undrafted rookie free agent when he signed in 1966...probably the best QB this team has ever had. His teams won 30+ games between 1974-1976. Four Pro Bowls. NFC Player of the Year. Didn't get to the Super Bowl, though. In the AZ era, Larry Fitzgerald. One of the few Cardinals players that opposing defenses truly respect, if not fear, and must game-plan for. Worst ever? Cody Brown. The Cards needed him to become at least a competent linebacker. Instead he became the Cardinals' version of the Suns' William Bedford, a number one pick that, as soon as he got paid, turned into the laziest kid on earth. A huge miss that the Cardinals are still paying for, arguably.

Michael Oliver: I'd probably say our best draft pick has to be Larry Fitzgerald. Think about what he has done. A model professional off the field, and outstanding player on it and help put the Cardinals on the map with that Super Bowl run. He defines the Arizona Cardinals. You can't think of the Cards without thinking of Fitz.

Jess Root: Best pick? That's got to be Fitz. A close second would be Aeneas Williams.

The worst? In my lifetime, I'd say Matt Leinart, not because he was bad, but he was supposed to be the guy. Wendall Bryant is up there, as is Tommie Knight. But Leinart's bust set the team back so badly.