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2013 NFL Draft: Expect the unexpected with Arizona Cardinals

If recent history is a precursor to future events, don't conclude that the offensive lines and/ or outside linebacker will be addressed.


FLASHBACK 2011: Running back Ryan Williams of Virginia Tech selected in the second round by the Arizona Cardinals despite having need on the OL and already having two starting players at that position, with Chris "Beanie" Wells and Tim Hightower.

FLASHBACK 2012: Notre Dame wide receiver Micheal Floyd chosen 13th overall by the team after being deficient on the OL (seems to be a recurring dream... nightmare?) and having the "best WR room" in the league. (Might be a misquote from Ken Whisenhunt and/or Rod Graves, not quite sure.)

So, while the preceding regime and their idiosyncracies have been dismissed, can we guess positions on rote or should we bypass the usual suspects?

Everyone and their brother throws out mock drafts and guesses about which club will select which player. Most go by the pre-ordained order that the "experts" have thrown out and extrapolate from there. For example, Luke Joeckel is almost universally on people's list as being a top five player, if not numero uno. And the majority of the prognosticators have Arizona going with either an offensive trench guy or a pass rushing dude. But what player could come as a surprise if it goes against the grain of speculative fandom? (And let's be real, guys. We don't have a clue on how the front office is managing their top 120 board.)

Therefore, other than quarterbacks and trades, which break a mock faster than an Oakland Raider selection, would Cardinal fans be astonished with a 7th pick of mainly 4-3 players such as Shariff Floyd, Star Lotulelei or Bjoern Werner?

Or amazed at "lesser" tier players at positions they supposedly crave, like Johnathon Cooper or D.J. Fluker? (Have to be careful spelling that one.)

How about being astounded, (you're a Cards fan, if you're reading not possible) with the team going the direction of a seemingly already packed position such as WR Tavon Austin, S Kenny Vaccaro or CB Dee Milliner?

Maybe with the NFL draft being this close to baseball season, we should see the curveball coming.