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2013 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals working on draft board, having 'heated' discussions

General manager Steve Keim was a guest for the "Big Red Rage" and talked about NFL Draft plans and the process.


The Arizona Cardinals had their first episode of their weekly podcast, the Big Red Rage, and general manager Steve Keim came on as a guest. He talked about the NFL Draft and the process that the team has in putting together their draft grades and draft board.

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How will the Cardinals decide who to draft?

"We rank them one through 120 on who we would take for the Arizona Cardinals," Keim said. "So once we get to draft day and all the emotions are running, we've already had those tough conversations, we've already separated these players. So once we get to the seventh pick and six players are gone, it's easy to know who we're taking."

Do they know yet who they will pick? "Not yet. We've actually gotten most of the way through the offensive part of our discussions," Keim said.

How would he describe the discussions that have taken place? Heated and opinionated, which he views as a positive thing.

"You want to see people fight for what they believe in," Keim explained.

Keim believes that the offensive line talent is deep. Not only the talent at the top of the draft is good, but he also believes that there will be players in rounds three through six that could be starters in the league.

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