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Arizona Cardinals breakout player in 2013 could be...?

Some early choices are the supposed weakest links of the team.


Arizona Cardinals new General Manager Steve Keim said yesterday in a interview, he pinpoints 2nd year right tackle Bobby Massie as a possible "breakout" player for the team next season.

ESPN's NFC West Mike Sando thinks tight end Rob Housler could be the guy that makes the biggest improvement in 2013, with secondary asides to outside linebackers Sam Acho and O'Brien Schofeld.

So...who, in your opinion, will make the biggest difference from last year?

On the defensive side, with all the turnover of roster spots, the options are unlimited. Could you go with newcomer Lorenzo Alexander, who's being pegged as a potential starter at OLB after mostly playing special teams with the Washington Redskins? How about safety Johnathon Amaya who has previous experience with current defensive coordinator Todd Bowles in Miami? Newly signed CB Antoine Cason? Or even veteran Darnell Dockett who was SO misused in former DC Ray Horton's scheme?

Offensively, plethora of possibilities also. You couldn't go wrong with running backs Rashard Mendenhall and Ryan Williams coming off injury -filled seasons and their backups, Alfonso Smith and William Powell should be candidates if aforementioned Mr. Mendenhall/Williams continue breaking bones/ligaments and aspirations. Wide receiver Andre Roberts is the only deep threat in a preferred Bruce Arians vertical attack, so that could be your pick. Or from some, Micheal Floyd is going to have awesome stats. (I have a darkhorse in Jeff King. With the anticipated two TE approach, Arians is bringing I see King playing a much bigger role and though smaller in size than Housler, I see him being the Aaron Hernandez to Housler's Gronkowski.)

How about established players that were injured or just plain sucked? Dan Williams, Levi Brown and Fitz may fall into that category. (No bricks, guys. Larry had a tough season, no if, ands or buts about it. And I don't think it was all about the QBs.)

Again, in your opinion will be the 2013 breakout player?