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It didn't take long for Carson Palmer to get fired up about the Arizona Cardinals

Long called a quitter, Palmer did not waste any time getting fired up.


Quarterback Carson Palmer does not have a great reputation around the league, according to some writers. He quit on the Cincinnati Bengals by choosing to retire over playing another season for the Bengals. Then it looked like he was quitting on the Raiders. He was even supposedly okay with going to be a backup on a competing team.

However, he has been excited for football ever since joining the team after it traded for him.

It didn't take long.

During the Palmer's introductory press conference, he was asked how long he had thought about the possibility of joining the Cardinals, even before the trade rumors started. He said he had not thought they were a possibility until his agent called him just a couple of days before the trade actually happened.

If he actually had though that being a backup for a team like the 49ers or Seahawks rather than starting, it apparently was not completely in context. Ever since he came to Phoenix, he has been an excited football player. Steve Keim told about when Palmer was brought to town (via the team website).

The team flew him in and took him to dinner and were set to talk the next day. "Carson calls me at 6:15 in the morning, begging me to pick him up so he can watch tape," Keim said. "For a 33-year-old quarterback, 10 years in the league, I love that passion."

Palmer also said he was "excited to be a part" of what the team is doing in his introduction. He talked about having "a lot of tread left" on his tires.

For a guy that hadn't even given the team any thought just days before he joins it, he sure is on board now and ready to perform. That doesn't sound like a malcontent.

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