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Michael Floyd wants to be Hall of Fame receiver, ready for 2013 season

The second year receiver wants to '"break records."


The Arizona Cardinals are expecting big things out of second-year wide receiver Michael Floyd in 2013. He is too, but not just for the season. He looks far beyond that. After a rookie in which he campaign of 45 catches and two touchdowns, he wants to do more.

He did finish the season stronger. Of his 45 catches, 39 came in the final nine games and he closed the season with a Week 17 performance of eight receptions for 166 yards and a score.

Floyd was a guest on the Big Red Rage and talked about his season and the expectations he has going forward.

Listen via the embedded player (go to about the 38 minute mark)

Listen via direct link

Why the increase in production late in the year? "I felt comfortable, a lot more comfortable," he said. He noted that it was "kind of difficult" to start off the year and adjust to the pro game and new offense. What was helpful was that fellow receiver Andre Roberts took Floyd in "like a brother," despite the fact that they played the same receiver position.

He is doing things differently this year because he has learned from Roberts and Larry Fitzgerald that it is vital to take care of your body, since it is what you have to use in the NFL. As a result, despite not really liking it, he has started eating fish instead of red meat, as "red meat stays longer in the body."

Coming into the 2013 season with a new head coach in Bruce Arians and a vertical passing game, Floyd knows that he needs to be a big contributor. Floyd said that Arians "expects a lot out of [him]."

In fact, he had a conversation with Floyd that perhaps could define the rest of his career.

In the words of Floyd:

"Today after we had meetings, Coach Arians came up to me and told me told me to come up to his office some time," he recalled. "He asked me, 'how great do you want to be?'"

When asked the question that his coach posed, Floyd didn't shy away. "I think everyone's dream, well mine personally is to be a Hall of Fame wide receiver," he answered. "And I'll do anything for that." He said that to do that he plans on "breaking records," which, considering whose records he would have to beat, would probably mean he had a Hall of Fame career.

With the acquisition of a bona fide starting quarterback in Carson Palmer, someone who can push the ball up the field, the potential for the offense to put up big numbers is staggering. The receiving corp is already set. Larry Fitzgerald is a superstar. If Floyd and Arians have their way, we will see another born this season.

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