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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Offensive line or pass rusher in round 1 for the Arizona Cardinals?

Almost all mock drafts have the Cards going one way or the other.

Al Bello

As we approach the NFL Draft next week, there are a couple of constants in mock draft projections for the Arizona Cardinals. They either are to select an offensive lineman (Lane Johnson or Eric Fisher) or a pass rusher (Dion Jordan, Ezekiel Ansah or Barkevious Mingo).

In fact, in CBS Sports' most recent writer mocks, three of them have the Cardinals selecting Johnson at left tackle. The other? Ezekiel Ansah.

This brings us to the question that general Steve Keim will have to answer. What isu more likely, a pick to take an offensive lineman or to take someone on the defensive side of the ball, specifically someone who can get to the quarterback.

Truthfully, you could say that both are awful close being he biggest need.

There are a couple of ways to think of it.

The first way of thinking is to take a lineman in the first round and another in the second. The pass rusher can be found later.

Another way to go is to select a lineman in the first round and a pass rusher in the second.

Yet another thought is go with a pass rusher at the top of the draft and then go offensive line later. After all, the class of linemen is pretty deep, too.

Should the Cards go with Johnson, as three of the CBS writers projected, or should they take the extremely talented Ansah, who still has yet untap all his potential?

Would you be okay either way? That is where I am at. I like Johnson plenty, but I also like Ansah, Dion Jordan and Barkevious Mingo.

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