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2013 NFL Draft: Former Arizona Cardinals great Larry Centers to announce draft pick

As has been done the past two drafts, a former team great will announce a pick.

Chris Chambers

In 2011, the NFL found a way to generate a little more interest in Day 2 of the NFL Draft by having former team legends announce teams' draft selections. They are continuing with that tradition and have announced who will be announcing teams' second or third-round draft picks in this year's draft.

For the Arizona Cardinals, that will be former running back Larry Centers. He will announce the the Cardinals make in the second round. He joins Aeneas Williams, who announced the selection of running back Ryan Williams in 2011, and Roger Wehrli, who announced the selection of third round pick Jamell Fleming in 2012.

Centers was a part of Arizona's 1996 playoff team and was one of the team's best players ever. He was drafted in the fifth round and became the team's most productive offensive player for many years. Though a running back, he was most known for his pass catching ability. In nine seasons with the Cardinals, he had 535 receptions.

In his career, he had 827, which is more catches than any other non-receiver in league history except for Tony Gonzalez.

Here is more or less the best way to describe Centers.

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