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The NFL Draft has become a game of poker

The pre-NFL draft scenario is filled with more secrecy, illusions and misleads than any spy movie.

Al Bello

Former Dallas Cowboy's GM and longtime scout Gil Brandt once called April "national liar's month" in the NFL.

Former Cleveland Brown GM Tom Heckert said "If we bring this guy in,should we probably bring another guy were not interested in? With the internet, everyone knows who's visited you around the league. So you have to have some smokescreens."

Welcome to Mission Impossible - National Football League style. Every comment is counterpointed, usually more than once. Only to be brought back up with the original statement going full circle to eventually be found true.

Take the 2013 Arizona Cardinals draft prospects for example. Pundits have spanned the spectrum for probable needs or best player available only to seemingly find themselves encircled by the very spider web they had spun themselves.

Remember after the college season when Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan or Luke Joekel's teammate Jake Matthews were the early choice? (No, me neither but the wonder of a computer.)

Then it went the way of quarterback with Matt Barkley or Geno Smith? (Pre-Carson Palmer, of course, but Mike Glennon and Ryan Nassib were mentioned also as possible first rounders.)

Can't forget the defensive side, when outside linebackers like Ezekiel Ansah or Dion Jordon were popular mock draft guys. Or maybe even cornerback Dee Milliner or safety Kenny Vaccarro.

And now, our own Jess Root hypothesizes DT/ NT/DE Star Lotulelei could be be number 7.

What in the world of Tom Cruise is going on?

Simply put, teams are very hush-hush on which direction they are going, so opposing clubs don't take they player they treasure. It's a little white lie that meets hide and seek. It's "SpyGate" without the obvious truth. It's James Bond without the innovative gadgets and beautiful women.

It's the NFL Draft and it's full of Texts, Lies and Videotape.

"Get your popcorn ready."