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2013 NFL Draft: Could Chance Warmack be a top 5 pick?

What does this mean for the Arizona Cardinals?

Kevin C. Cox

One lively debate that has been had here in our lovely community is whether or not the Arizona Cardinals should use the seventh overall pick to select highly touted guard Chance Warmack. No guard has been taken in the top 10 since 1997; however, if a report from Brian Baldinger of NFL Network is to believed, Warmack might not only be take in the top 10, but could go in the top five.

On the program Path to the Draft, Baldinger said that he had heard that the Detroit Lions have had serious discussions about taking Warmack at number five -- a sort of "sure thing" pick.

Thus far, most of the recent mock draft projections have them taking tackle Eric Fisher.

What this means for the Arizona Cardinals is that by taking Warmack before number seven, it means that Fisher might still be around at number seven, and certainly makes it less possible that Fisher, Luke Joeckel and Lane Johnson are all unavailable when the Cardinals pick.

If you are a fan and hoping that the Cards land one of these three tackles, then you should hope for this to happen. If you are a Warmack fan for the Cards, then feel bad because he might not even make it to when the Cardinals pick.

How surprised would you be if Warmack were drafted before Fisher or Johnson?

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