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ROTB Roundtable: NFC West, O-line Prospects, and Best Free Agent

We're officially one week away from the 2013 NFL Draft!


And what better way to pass the time than to answer some questions concerning the Cardinals?

The ROTB Writing Staff took their shot at three of these. Don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Which NFC West team do you think had the best Free Agency?

Michael Oliver: I feel every team has had a steady offseason, but it's hard to look past what the Seattle Seahawks have done. Bringing in verteran guys in Antoine Winfield, Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett on relatively low-risk deals was a very nice move by them. Recognizing they had a stacked roster with a few additions could become competitive for a Super bowl. The Seahawks made themselves the best team in the NFC West this offseason, also adding Percy Harvin gives them that extra dimension on offense.

D.L. Parsons:
Undoubtedly Seattle. With the four big free agent additions they made, they will definitely give SF a run for the title this year, and maybe for three years.

Randy Fields:
Seattle added one of the biggest home run players in the game in Percy Harvin which made an already good offense explosive! I can't imagine how good their offense will be this year. Then they added additional weapons on defense. They were robbed by Atlanta and should have got the chance to go head to head with the 49ers for a shot at the Super Bowl, I think this year on paper the division goes through Seahawks country.

Jess Root: You have to like what the Seahawks have done this offseason, not just in free agency. They picked up a playmaker in Percy Harvin and made a very good defensive backfield even better. After Seattle, I do like what the Cardinals have done, but there were no splashes made. All are value pickups.

Alex Mann: I don't think anyone won really. Yes Seattle added pieces to their already explosive offense, and solidified a really good defense, but everyone made strides.

2) There's been a lot of debate about who would be the best O-line prospect for the Cardinals to draft. Who do you think would be the best fit?

Michael Oliver: The best fit for me would be Eric Fisher. The top OT in this class for me, is elite in every measurable when you look at him in game and fills a dire need on that Cardinals offensive line. I feel also moving to a zone blocking scheme, Jonathan Cooper may be the best guard prospect. Most athletic guard in the draft and has good versatility. He would be my preferred choice at guard.

D.L. Parsons:
Tossup between Eric Fisher and Chance Warmack. Fisher is a first day starter for us, as is Warmack. If the team is serious about opening holes for Mendenhall to run through, then Warmack.

Randy Fields:
I really like Eric Fishers talent, but I'm getting excited about Lane Johnson. It will be interesting to watch his career to find out if he really does grow into a better tackle than either of the two elite tackle prospects from this year.

Jess Root: I like Fisher. But considering what we have suffered through as fans watching atrocious line play, I think I'd be happy with any of them, at least to start.

Alex Mann: I think Eric Fisher is the guy, but he'll be gone by the time 7 comes around. We can go with Lane Johnson, or wait until Round 2 and go with Kyle Long, who to me will be the steal of the draft in Rounds 1-3.

3) In your opinion, who was the best Free Agent signing in Cardinals history? Worst?

Michael Oliver: Best free agent has to be Kurt Warner. He took an Arizona Cardinals team to the Super bowl for the first time in their history, and actually gave us a chance to win the whole thing. I think the main reason he is the best, is look at his successors at the quarterback position. He was such a pick-up that no one has been able to emulate that level of success, and that's what makes him stand out as the best.

D.L. Parsons:
Hands down, Kurt Warner. He took the Cards to the Super Bowl. 'Nuff said. Worst? I don't have enough fingers, toes and other appendages to count them on. They're ALL bad...

Randy Fields:
Best, Kurt Warner. My least favorite free agent since becoming a true fan in 2005 has got to beJoey Porter. I know he wasn't Albert Haynesworth type expensive, but I expected so much more out of him at ROLB. He never lived up to the hype and sadly just disappeared due to injury and age.

Jess Root: As mentioned, they got lightning in a bottle with Kurt Warner. You don't normally get a Hall of Famer in free agency, especially on the cheap. As for the worst, I can think of Duane Starks being a big bust. Supposed to be the stud cover corner, he did absolutely nothing. Emmitt Smith was one of the dumbest moves ever, but he wasn't horrible. Another winner? Derek Anderson. Cue up swagtangibles. Where are you, Joe?

Alex Mann: Best has to be Kurt Warner. The guy did more for the Cardinals franchise than any other player ever in Cardinal history. Worst... Like Randy said Joey Porter. Was hyped up and never fit in.