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John Skelton released by Arizona Cardinals: What are the best and worst memories?

He had some good ones and bad ones. Talk about them.

Christian Petersen

Well, remember when we all were debating John Skelton or Kevin Kolb as the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals? No more will that happen. Both Kolb and Skelton have been cut. Kolb is now a member of the Buffalo Bills and Skelton is now looking for work.

Skelton certainly had his ups and downs. His departing tweet sort of sums it up.

You can tell he did not like the losing. He also showed frustration last year with his injury, losing the starting job to Kevin Kolb while he was hurt and then his eventual benching in favor of Ryan Lindley and Brian Hoyer.

He had some good times. The first was the end of game rally on Christmas Day in 2010 to beat the Cowboys. In 2011, he had several big fourth quarters to pull out wins. He was named the starter coming out of the preseason this last season.

There were plenty of bad moments. There was missing Larry Fitzgerald wide open in the end zone against the Falcons, which was the final mistake that caused him to be benched. There were the two safeties. There was the sprained ankle in Week 1. There were the awful starts to games almost every single week in 2011.

What were your favorite John Skelton moments? Your least favorite? Are you glad to see him go? Sad at all?