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Larry Centers talks about career, believes he has place in Ring of Honor

Recently announced to be announcing the Cardinals' second round pick, he was a guest on XTRA 910.

Former Arizona Cardinals great Larry Centers was on the local airwaves recently, following the NFL announcement that he would be the one to announce the Cards' second round selection in the upcoming NFL Draft. He was a guest on the Bickley and MJ show on XTRA 910. (Listen to the interview by using the player at the top of the article or by clicking here)

Among other things, he talked about his career, his departure and the Ring of Honor.

He holds no hard feelings for the team letting him leave in free agency after the 1996 season, saying that he understands that it is a business. He talked about how he learned to chip rushers off the edge and get open in the flat for making catches.

However, what was the boldest thing he said was in reference to something that has not yet happened for him. He would like to see his name in the stadium as one of the players immortalized in Cardinals history.

"There is no doubt in my mind that I belong, that I have a place in the Ring of Honor, if the people do the right thing," he said on the radio.

He was perhaps the team's most important player on the only playoff team the Cards had in Arizona until Ken Whisenhunt came. He has more catches than any non receiver other than Tony Gonzalez.

"I don't know what the delay is," he said, wondering if he had done something to upset the franchise.

There is no doubt in my mind he deserves to be there. I wonder why the team has not made that move yet. Likely there are some rules that the franchise has established, such as requiring a player be a Hall of Famer to be honored.

If there are no such rules, then there is likely a reason why it hasn't happened. But the time needs to come soon. Centers thinks so, and I doubt that there is a single fan that thinks otherwise that saw him play in the 90s.

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