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2013 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals have pair of Day 2 prizes

Calais Campbell and Daryl Washington among the list of best picks made in the second and third rounds of the Draft.

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While teams more or less have to have success from their first round draft picks, it is the success of their picks in the later rounds that end up defining a team's draft success. In particular, Day 2 picks (the second and third rounds of the draft) are quite important. They are players that can make huge impacts and come at a nice value price.

Pro Football Focus looked at Day 2 players since 2008 and compiled a list of the very best at each position. The names are quite the collection. The Arizona Cardinals have a pair of players on that list.

It should be no surprise that the two that make this list are Calais Campbell and Daryl Washington, who are two of the anchors on the defensive side of the ball. they both also happen to be the last two players on the team to sign lucrative multi-year contracts.

According to PFF, Campbell "has finished as a Top 10-graded 3-4 defensive end in every season since he took a starting role in 2009. Always an effective pass rusher, he also tallied 34 run stops last season, tied for third-most at his position."

As for Washington, the praise is succinct, but accurate. He "has proven to be one of the best all-around linebackers in the league."

They join the company of other well known impact players on both sides of the ball. Rob Gronkowski, Mike Wallace, Russell Wilson. NaVarro Bowman and more are among this class of Day 2 players.

Can the Cards grab some value and performance the year? We will find out in the next couple oKeep up with Cardinals news and opinions when you are not on the site. Follow Revenge of the Birds on Twitter at @revengeofbirds and "like" us on Facebook. You can follow me individually at @senorjessroot.f.

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