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2013 NFL Draft: Could Geno Smith fall to the 2nd round?

The latest draft rumors point to the West Virginia quarterback and how, if not taken early, he could find himself undrafted on Day 1 of the draft. Could he make it all the way to number 38 and would the Cardinals take him then?

Andy Lyons

Now that we are just a few days from the 2013 NFL Draft, rumors and prognostications are flying around everywhere. Offensive linemen are moving up the draft, but the quarterbacks are dropping, per the "experts." One quarterback thus far has seemed immune to such rumors because he is considered the top of the quarterback class. That would be West Virginia's Geno Smith.

However, now he may drop to the second round, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Basically, if the Philadelphia Eagles pass on him at number four and the New York Jets also do at number nine, they way teams are set up make it seem that he would not get selected the rest of the first round.

If that somehow happens, what if he falls all the way to the 38th overall pick, when the Cardinals are due up for the second round selection? Yes, they already acquired Carson Palmer, but would they jump at the opportunity to grab the best quarterback in the draft?

Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians said that no QB in this year's class makes him go "wow," but that there are a few that will have pretty good NFL careers. Is Smith one of these players, and would he be too good to pass up in the second round?

Could Smith fall like Aaron Rodgers and then leave everyone wondering in a few years why they didn't draft him?

Do you pass on a potential franchise quarterback? Definitely if you don't think he could be, especially if he is around when you pick again. You don't pass on him twice.

Would you want the Cards to take him in the second round?

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