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2013 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals choose Jonathan Cooper over Chance Warmack with first selection?

Supposedly, the guard most "experts" view as being second tiered to the Alabama player is a favorite for the Arizona Cardinals seventh pick.

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

A guard chosen by the Arizona Cardinals in Thursday's draft would be sensible and prudent. Obviously, a place of need and there is a player that many observers have suggested that the team select.

However, most have pointed at Alabama's Chance Warmack to be that guy.

Now, as the draft clock starts to run into hours from days, another prospect has taken flight, North Carolina's Jonathon Cooper.

Xtra Sports 910 host Mike Jurecki reported that offensive tackle (which is the Vegas prohibited favorite) and Cooper are in the Cardinals sights for the first round. While Johnson has been there for a while, Cooper is a Johnny-come-lately for me.

Hearing Cards believe one of the two players will be on the board when they are selecting at #7... Lane Johnson or Jonathan Cooper.

And while Cooper has been predicted to 10 with the Tennessee Titans or 11 to the San Diego Chargers, most pundits have thought those choices would be made post-Warmack. Warmack has had issues with his shoulder - could this be causing a slide? A work ethic or possible future weight problem?

Either way, the Detroit Lions are supposedly interested in Cooper also, with taking the Tar Heel at five, which is curious since they also apparently crave one of the top 3 tackles available also - Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher or Johnson.

So, would the BirdGang be happy with Cooper as the choice?

Is it 5 o'clock yet?