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Which free agent linebackers, cornerbacks and safeties remaining could help the Cardinals?.

Last of a series finding out which players on the street would look good in a Cardinals' uniform.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Last in my AGM series for now (there’s ALWAYS a subject to debate in the NFL). Today, the Cards signed four camp bodies; only one has a realistic shot at making the team as depth: Paul Fanaika, a reserve tackle from Seattle.

Back to the remaining free agents.


There are a whopping total of 54 linebackers available on the street! Three of them are old friends: Paris Lenon, Clark Haggans and Karlos Dansby. Brian Urlacher, a virtual lock for the Hall of Fame after his stellar career with the Bears, is inexplicably unemployed. It’s telling that some of these guys are good players, yet they are not signed yet, even by their own teams. I believe that most of these guys will find a home at the start of training camp. After the draft, teams will begin filling out their camp rosters. The AGM would like to see an ILB drafted. If Dansby was willing, he’d look good on this new defense.


There are 36 corners on the street as of this writing. No one too notable is out there: maybe Quentin Jammer, but he was nicknamed "The Toast" during his last season, because he got burned regularly. He was available along with Antoine Cason when the Cards went looking for cornerback help. I think the real GM made the right call. The draft is full of talent at cornerback. If Dee Milliner falls to the Cards at #7, do we grab him? The AGM says, "damn skippy we do!" Best Player Available scenario! With Milliner and Peterson at the corners, opposing QBs will have to take more time to find open targets, thus giving the LBs precious extra seconds to make a sack. This is what’s known as a ‘win-win’ situation.


There are currently 33 safeties on the street. Three are old friends: Michael Adams, James Sanders and Kerry Rhodes. Rhodes would be a good fit back with his old team; perhaps some more time being unemployed will water down his salary demands, and his pride. James Sanders played well for us; maybe he will get a call just before training camp. As for Michael Adams, there is a growing chorus of fans who think we can find a better player to take his place on the roster. Certainly we can find a taller one! But, it is not all about height; it is about heart, and Michael Adams has that, hands down. Ronde Barber is available; but it is obvious he wants to stay in Tampa, and that the team is putting him off until after the draft, at least. Charles Woodson would look good as a Cardinal, too. But there are concerns about his injuries, and salary demands.

Unfortunately for these free agents, the draft is filled with quality safeties. They will play for cheaper than many of the free agents, so market pressure will force most of the free agents to lower their salary demands, play on a one year contract, and see if the market gets better next season. The AGM would draft a safety in the middle rounds of the draft, and load up on undrafted free agents after the draft. Let camp separate the wheat from the chaff.

Well, I’ve covered all the positions. I’ve had my say. What say you, ROTB Best and Brightest?